Home Affairs: 60% South African employees – or else!

Since May60% south african employees 2014, South Africa business and corporate visa holders must have a workforce with at least 60% South African employees. Additionally, these people must be permanently employed across the business in various positions.

This is, as the Department of Home Affairs has said many times, to protect the interests of South Africans in the workplace.

In a country struggling with a high unemployment rate, this strategy is undeniable necessary.


Unfortunately not all business owners adhere to this regulation and now the Department of Home Affairs has announced they are cracking down on businesses who are ignoring the law.

Mass inspection businesses planned countrywide

In recent press conferences Mr Malusi Gigaba, Home Affairs minister, has said widespread non-compliance appears to be prevalent in the hospitality, construction, agriculture and mining sectors.

The minister warned that massive inspections of a long list of companies are underway.

Companies that are found guilty of disregarding the 60% requirement can expect heavy fines. Licenses will also be reviewed, Gigaba said, and managers and owners could be jailed for up to two years should his department decide to take legal action.

Let us help you avoid fines and jail time

Before we continue, we’d like to clarify that ‘60% South African employees’ mean South African citizens OR permanent residents. It is not only citizens.

Then on to how we can help you.

Our immigration consultants can evaluate your situation and advise on the best steps to take to stay on the right side of the law. With years of experience in South African immigration, our consultants are in the best position to help you!

We can also come to your office to conduct an employee audit. This will not only help establish a 60% South African employee make-up, it will also determine whether your foreign employees are working legally. This is another area where Home Affairs clamp down on wrongdoers!

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