ZSP Permit Update: You could lose valued employees!

zsp permit updateMinister of Home Affairs, Mr Malusi Gigaba recently announced a ZSP permit update, but it wasn’t necessarily what permit holders wanted to hear.

Unfortunately, all Zimbabweans on Zimbabwe Special Permits (ZSP) will have to follow the normal channels of applying for a work or study visa when their permits expire on 31 December 2017.

This means ZSP permit holders must apply for one of the various visas provided for in the South African Immigration Act.

What has not been shared so widely is that permit holders cannot change from a ZSP permit to a South African visa in South Africa – ZSP holders must return to Zimbabwe to make a visa application.

More bad news is that it could already be too late to apply for certain visas due to the time that it can take to prepare for application. This makes it critical to get in touch with us immediately.

The official statement from Home Affairs on the ZSP permit update

In his official statement Mr Gigaba said following the decision on ZSP permits:

“…we have advised Zimbabwean’s nationals whose special permits are expiring to apply for visas we issue under the mainstream immigration legislation, in the even they aspire to stay for any other purpose or period. On the basis of cabinet’s decision on this matter, an announcement will be made on how we are going to proceed, but wild speculation, rumour-mongering, raising false alarm, fear and loathing are unwarranted.”

Mr Gigaba also said that the intention for the ZSP was never to lead to permanent residence for Zimbabweans. It was always meant to be a temporary permit for three years.

How can Intergate help?

Intergate is equipped to assess the eligibility of ZSP holders for South African visas. This is because ZSP holders would now need to meet specified visa requirements, like any other visa applicant for South Africa.

We can also advise you on how long applications are likely to take. This will help you to plan projects should you have to wait on employees for a long time (which is highly likely). This is provided an employee qualify for another type of work visa.

Lastly, we will able to guide you through the process and put together applications for your employees. Our team pride themselves on completing application correctly and timeously.

Call us today and get the ball rolling

You really can’t waste any time in starting any visa applications for eligible employees. Some South African visas take up to a year to finalise. You can call us on:

  • Cape Town area: +27 (0) 21 424 2460
  • Johannesburg area: +27 (0) 234 4275

Calling us now could increase your chances of keeping valued employees currently on ZSP permits!

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