Visitor’s Visa for Business Travel to South Africa

visitors visa business travel south africaNot all foreigners who have to come to South Africa for work purposes have the need to immigrate. Some work obligations or business visits are short in nature, such as attending conferences, providing training or conducting consultancy work.

In these and other similar cases, foreign employees or business associates only need to acquire a visitor’s visa for business travel to South Africa. The endorsement for work is added onto the visitor’s visa, provided the applicant meets certain criteria.

This is not a business or work visa

It is important to remember that this visa is still in essence a tourist visa – it is not a business or work visa. This means the person holding the visitor’s visa for business purposes do not enjoy the rights or privileges of temporary residents in South Africa. They can only be in the country as a tourist. As such, it is required to show the Department of Home Affairs that the individual will not be receiving a salary from the South African host company while in the country, but will continue to be paid by their overseas employer.

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