Corporate Visa for South Africa

A corporate visa is an ideal solution for a South African based company looking to employ a large number of foreign employees. If the corporate visa for South Africa is extended to the company, it will specify exactly how many foreigners may be employed and over what period of time. The corporate will also be issued with corporate workers certificates, which successful foreign applicants will use to apply for individual corporate workers visas.

Corporate Visa for South AfricaThe benefits of a corporate visa

Despite a corporate visa essentially being a two-step process – the application for the visa and then the individual workers visas, it offers multiple benefits to the corporate applicant:

  • If recruiting more than six foreigners in the next 24 months, a corporate visa for South Africa is a much more cost-efficient way of obtaining visas than applying for individual work visas.
  • Once issued, a corporate visa speeds up the process of the subsequent employee visas.
  • Compared to other types of work visa applications, corporate visa applications entails less paperwork and reduces the amount of supporting documentation required.
  • South African companies in possession of a corporate work visa attracts quality foreign applicants.

Applying for a corporate visa for South Africa

The main condition for a corporate visa is that the applicant, a South African company, are not able to recruit South African citizens or permanent residents to fill vacancies or fuel expansion plans.

As such, companies submitting an application for a corporate visa for South Africa must provide proof of their efforts to try and find South Africans to fill positions. Other information that must be supplied with applications include:

  • Detailed job descriptions, illustrating the skill sets required.
  • The proposed remuneration for each employee. This information is requested to ensure that the foreign employees are paid fairly.

Once this and all other information has been gathered, and all required documentation has been compiled, an application for a corporate visa can be made. If the application is successful, the applicant will receive their South African corporate visa, as well as corporate workers certificates, which will allow the company to recruit foreigners to fulfill the specified roles.

When the company finds an ideal candidate to fill a role, they can make them a job offer and issue the candidate with a corporate workers certificate. This certificate will then be used to apply for an individual corporate workers visa.

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