Immigration to South Africa: The Intergate Immigration Vision

immigration south africaIntergate Immigration has been going strong since 2005. Since then, we have dealt with more than 40,000 visa and visa related queries. The secret to success is our commitment and passion for providing the very best immigration service to our clients.

Part of this is understanding that immigration to South Africa, or any other country for that matter, can be frustrating and confusing process. In order to eliminate as many of the nuisances causing these situations as possible, Intergate has a vision that is three-fold…

Immigration Advice

Intergate has a separate corporate department that is skilled in dealing with the specific needs of companies. Our role starts at the planning stage, ascertaining which visas and services fit best into the operational requirements of the business. Advice is not once-off, but provided on a continual basis. This means you are the first to know about developments at home affairs, immigration trends and new corporate solutions and initiatives.


At Intergate, we consider our team a part of yours. With a dedicated client manager and administrator assigned to your case, you will soon feel the same way. Working closely together, applications will be compiled to the requirements of the Department of Home Affairs and as quickly as possible.


As a company, Intergate aims to maintain our status as one of the leading experts in immigration to South Africa. Quite simply, we want Intergate to be the first on your company’s list when you need immigration services and we want our clients to take pride in recommending us to associates and colleagues. Our biggest ambition? To continue providing you with world-class service delivery.

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