A closer look at business visas and work permits for Uganda

business visas and work permits for ugandaOur team has recently noticed an increase in enquiries about business visas and work permits for Uganda. This is perhaps due to the fact that the Ugandan government is developing infrastructure and building a more vibrant private sector.

Is your company also looking at doing business with Uganda? Then you’ll need to know the following:

Business visas

A Ugandan business visa enables an applicant to attend:

  • Conferences;
  • Seminars;
  • Training; and
  • Meetings in the country.

It will be either a single or multiple entry visa – the choice is up to the applicant – and the visa will be valid for 90 days. Unfortunately the applicant cannot extend this visa.

Should there be a need for the applicant to conduct short-term business activities, no longer than 3 months, the applicant can apply for a Special Pass.

The Ugandan Special Pass allows for temporary business, trade or profession activities. Often this Pass is used as an interim work permit while the long-term work permit is pending.

Work permits

Uganda has various long-term work permits, from Class A to Class G2, classified by activity or industry. Here are the classes most applied for:

  • Class G2 is the most popular work permit and is for persons intending to work as employees in Uganda.
  • Class C permits are for prescribed professions intending to invest in the prospecting business of minerals or mining.
  • Class G1 permits are for persons who want to work for an NGO as a volunteer or as a missionary in Uganda.

Getting started with business visas and work permits for Uganda

The first step is simple – contact us to arrange a consultation.

Our team comes to you and meet with your team to determine your needs, what you’re trying to achieve and the pressures you’re under.

What follows is a formal proposal outlining costs, time frames and advice on structures. This means everyone’s on the same page and applications for the appropriate documents can start as soon as possible.

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