Beware bogus ‘labour inspectors’

bogus labour inspectorsThere have been recent incidents of con artists posing as inspectors from the Department of Labour. These ‘inspectors’ moved around the Free State and targeted farmers specifically.

Selling labour law posters

The con artists’ modus operandi was selling labour law posters, in some instances threatening and intimidating farmers into buying the posters. Read more Beware bogus ‘labour inspectors’

Intergate Visalink turns 2!

intergate visalinkIn 2013, Intergate Visalink opened its doors in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Centurion. That is now 2 years ago and the business opened another branch in Bloemfontein earlier this year!

This growth is thanks to well-informed and professional teams at all of Visalink’s branches. Agents are able to answer all your questions about the Schengen visa, providing a much-needed helping hand in an area most people are completely unfamiliar with.

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South African Investment Information

south african investmentThe Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), together with Deloitte, release an updated edition of South Africa: Investor’s Handbook on an annual basis. The purpose of the handbook is to answer one of the major questions on investors’ minds: “What are the incentives when investing in South Africa?”

Insight is delivered through a broad overview of the social, regulatory and economic environments in South Africa. This gives investors an idea of what to expect when doing business here. It also highlights the attributes that the DTI and Deloitte believe make South Africa an attractive investment destination.

Here are some of the highlights from the 2014/2015 edition of the Investor’s Handbook:

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