The Reverse Culture Shock Phenomenon

reverse culture shockWe’re all familiar with the concept of culture shock. Not many of us, however, are aware of reverse culture shock. This is the shock experienced by someone returning to their home country after a number of years overseas.

As explained by Investopedia, “In the business context, the advent of globalisation has resulted in more and more employees being sent on lengthy assignments to other countries. With the number of expatriates who live and work in countries other than their own having increased in recent years, reverse culture shock is a phenomenon that is on the rise.”

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Compliancy More Important than Ever for South African Business Visas

south african business visasIt used to be that the monetary investment into a business weighed heaviest with the Department of Home Affairs when it came to applications for South African business visas.

Not so anymore. The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) now include the Department of Trade and Industry in the process to assess the feasability and compliancy of the business.

The Department of Trade and Industry then offer a recommendation to the DHA on whether the business visa should be issued or not.

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Our Business Setup Services

business setup servicesIn addition to our visa services, Intergate also offer business setup services. These services cater to entrepreneurs wanting to set up shop in South Africa, as well as international entities looking to open a South African office.

Below you’ll find a summary of all our business setup services. Should you want to find out more about any particular service, please read more on our website.

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What Makes a Top Employer?

top employerThe Top Employers Institute release their list of Top Employers each year. This is an annual program that certifies organisations which successfully demonstrate an exceptional HR environment and employee offerings. These are the traits the Institute believe makes a company a top employer, as it ensure that people develop themselves personally and professionally.

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5 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Company’s Accounting

outsourcing company accountingHave you ever thought of outsourcing your company’s accounting? Many companies, both big and small, do and here’s why:

Companies who outsource know that handing over functions like payroll processing, cash flow forecasting and the processing of accounting records to an outside accounting firm helps the business run better.

Now you might be wondering how exactly this is possible. To illustrate, we’ve summarised five of the biggest advantages your business will be able to profit from should you decide to outsource your accounting:

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Company Registrations in South Africa

company registrations south africaBranches, affiliates or subsidiaries of multinational companies in South Africa are subject to the same registrations as South African companies.

The four most notable company registrations are:

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Pay-As-You-Earn Tax (PAYE)
  • UIF (Unemployed Insurance Fund)
  • SDL (Skills Development Levy)

South Africans are familiar with these, but foreign nationals setting up companies in South Africa might now know what each of these taxes refer to or cover.

The best time to familiarise yourself with these would be in the planning stages of setting up the branch, subsidiary or affiliate of your company.

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