FAQs: Intra-company transfer visa

intra-company transfer work visaThe intra-company transfer visa is a temporary South African work visa. Today we’re going to address some of the most commonly asked questions around this visa.

Who is the intra-company transfer work visa for?

The intra-company transfer work visa is meant for multi-national companies with a need to transfer overseas staff to a branch, affiliate or subsidiary in South Africa. Read more FAQs: Intra-company transfer visa

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The Role VFS Plays in South African Visa Applications

VFSYou have probably come across mentions of VFS, South Africa’s visa facilitation centres, during research on the types of work visas for the employment of foreigners. Often the mention is the name only, with no explanation as to what role VFS performs.

We’d like to help clarify it for you. Understanding who and what VFS is will help you understand application processes better too.

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General Work Visas – Why the Wait?

general work visasDue to notice periods, the average waiting period for the arrival of a new employee tends to be around one month. On the odd occasion, a candidate will have a 2-month notice period, while 3 months are not unheard of for senior workers.

The longer notice periods are often met with hesitation by employers. In most cases, as an employer you can’t afford to wait for a candidate meaning you are forced to favour the candidate with the 1-month notice period.

This can mean comprising your recruitment in terms of the best candidate due to time constraints, in particular a foreign candidate you feel needs to apply for a general work visa.

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