DHA restricts short-term work authorization to 180 days per year

Last month the Department of Home Affairs issued a directive that restricts short-term work authorisation (the Section 11(2) endorsement to visitor’s visa) to 180 days per calendar year.

Additionally, renewals within South Africa will be limited to only one per year, and a ‘cooling off’ period will be applied to prevent applicants from immediately applying for a successive 11(2) endorsement from abroad.

Who does the change affect?

The change in legislation affects two groups of people:

  • Foreign nationals who regularly come to South Africa for short-term work assignments. One example is technicians for who have to travel to South Africa on an annual basis to maintain and repair equipment.
  • Companies in South Africa who make use of the services foreign nationals as described above.

What if more than 180 days of work is required per year?

Companies that rely on short-term work authorisation for more than 180 days per year may need to explore alternative work visas such as critical skills work visas or intra-company transfer work visas. Unfortunately the application and approval processes for these visas are not as simple or short as for short-term work authorization.

From when does this change in legislation apply?

The directive issued in May stated that the change was effective immediately. Please call us if you have concerns or need like clarification on the new legislation:

  • Cape Town: +27 (0) 21 424 2460
  • Johannesburg: +27 (0) 11 234 4275.

Alternatively, send us a call back request and one of our corporate immigration consultants will contact you instead.