Festive season frustrations

festive season frustrationsThe end of the year is a high pressure time. Everyone is rushing to finish off projects, while working around the holidays.

It’s no different in the immigration business, so we wanted to make you aware of some of the challenges faced this time of the year.

VFS application centres

It has been confirmed that the Johannesburg VFS office will close on Saturday, the 15th of December, while the Cape Town VFS office closes on Thursday, the 20th of December.

It has been reported to us that both offices will open again in the first week of January.

These closing dates always puts extra pressure on visa applications at the end of the year. However, as you’ll see further below, Intergate clients have nothing to worry about it.

Professional bodies and council

You can assume that professional bodies and councils operate in the same way as all other businesses around the holidays.

What does this mean?

  • You can expect things to slow down.
  • There may only be a skeleton staff at the professional body or council.
  • The professional body or council concerned with your foreign employees’ visas could be closed for the holidays.

Intergate clients do not have to worry

You can rest assured that Intergate plan ahead so that you are not impacted by VFS closures or festive season delays.

If you would like to discuss anything with us, please feel free to either call us on 021 424 2460 or 011 234 4275. Alternatively, please send us an email. Our consultants will only be happy to help.