Lessons to learn from ‘The Best 100 Companies to Work for in Africa’

top employer africaCareers in Africa recently released their latest Employer of Choice Top 100 ranking.

This ranking is an extensive study into which employers on the African continent professionals most want to work for.

This includes local companies as well as international companies with head offices in Africa.

It’s about more than just a list

Careers in Africa stresses that the Employer of Choice is more than just a list. It’s a study into what makes a great employer, getting the answers from more than 2000 professionals all across Africa.

Respondents were quizzed on their opinion of employers as well as employment conditions.

The outcome? A study that reveals which employers are well regarded, what professionals are looking for, and how engaged talent is at the time of taking the survey.

Let’s delve into the findings of the survey to see what you can learn from what professionals on the African continent values about employers:

New entrants at the top have this in common

The returning brands and new entries into the top 10 all have one trait in common – the ability to make an impact.

Since it has come up as a major driving factor for professionals in every year’s survey, Careers In Africa asked specific questions on this topic in the 2018 survey. The goal was to drill down into the exact nature of the impact professionals are looking to make.

The answers revealed that rather than the speed of the impact a person can make, or their level of autonomy, what really matters is the ability to positively impact a company and through it, wider society.

This goes some way to explain the appearance of Bridge International Academies, a new entrant, at number 9. This organization, which offers affordable private education, has a model that’s mission-driven.

Skill development and leadership also major driving factors

Professionals felt that opportunities to develop skills, as well as good leadership, were two of the most important motivating factors to join a company.

When interviewed for the report, Alex Mugan, Managing Director of the Global Career Company, said the following about professionals’ need to learn new skills:

“This is not a surprise. People are really interested in employers who develop them. They’re more interested in that within Africa than when you comparative surveys elsewhere, with other examples around the globe.”

He continued to comment the following about leadership:

“Other things that come to the fore this year include trusted senior leadership. It’s in the top three this year. That is where you are talking about leaders that listen; leaders that set a good ethical example; leaders that deliver the values of the business, and you can link that to people with interest in business with a purpose. They are not interested in leaders that push a bad mission; they’re interested in leaders that push a good mission. Brands whose leaders are very visible doing those things have tended to do well.”

Being a top employer

The survey results show that you can be a top employer on African soil if your company offers employees development, fair leadership and a sense of purpose. Just be sure to offer health insurance too, another important motivating factor for employees.

To see the list of 100 countries on the Employer of Choice list, go to the full report by Careers in Africa.