FAQs: Intra-company transfer visa

intra-company transfer work visaThe intra-company transfer visa is a temporary South African work visa. Today we’re going to address some of the most commonly asked questions around this visa.

Who is the intra-company transfer work visa for?

The intra-company transfer work visa is meant for multi-national companies with a need to transfer overseas staff to a branch, affiliate or subsidiary in South Africa. Read more FAQs: Intra-company transfer visa

Beware bogus ‘labour inspectors’

bogus labour inspectorsThere have been recent incidents of con artists posing as inspectors from the Department of Labour. These ‘inspectors’ moved around the Free State and targeted farmers specifically.

Selling labour law posters

The con artists’ modus operandi was selling labour law posters, in some instances threatening and intimidating farmers into buying the posters. Read more Beware bogus ‘labour inspectors’