The South African exchange visa

south african exchange visaThe South African exchange visa enables foreigners under the age of 25 to work in South Africa for a South African company.

The condition is that the foreigner works for that company only, and for no longer than one year.

Here’s why you should consider the exchange visa for your business…

Despite that fact that the South African exchange visa is only valid for up to a year, it’s a great way to add new skills, experience and a fresh perspective to your business.

Perhaps the more attractive advantage is that the application process is much simpler than for other work visas.

For instance, you don’t have to prove that you first tried to recruit a South African. Also, SAQA applications aren’t necessary and applications to the Department of Labour are not required either.

Requirements of the South African exchange visa

First, let us mention that the exchange visa is not an exchange of sorts as the title suggests. It is simply a form of work visa that enables foreign nationals under the age of 25 to work in South Africa.

As the South African employer, in order to do employ such foreign nationals, you must:

  • Certify that the positions exists and commits itself to:
    • Paying the foreigner remuneration which complies with the applicable legal requirements;
    • Providing for the welfare and needs of the foreign employee while this person is in South Africa under their exchange visa.
    • Reporting the foreigner’s failure to comply with his or her visa, or to depart, to the Department of Home Affairs when required.
  • Ensure that the foreigner only conducts work for which the visa is issued.

Validity of the exchange visa

As mentioned earlier, the maximum duration for an exchange visa is one year. Unfortunately, it is not renewable.

Getting help with a South African exchange visa

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