Who is helping you with African work and business visas?

African work and business visasAfrica has no set standards or processes for obtaining a work or business visa. As such, solutions for African work and business visas can seem daunting.

To successfully circumnavigate all the red tape, idiosyncrasies and challenges, it is imperative to partner with an immigration company that has knowledge of and experience in Africa.

Intergate Africa, previously known as Intergate AMG, is such an immigration company.

By partnering with us, you will be able to obtain visas quickly and efficiently, through a transparent process.

How we work

At Intergate Africa we understand the pivotal role we play in your business success in Africa. We make sure we understand your business with a comprehensive fact-finding process to determine your needs, what you’re trying to achieve and the pressures you’re under.

Our aim is to answer questions like:

  • Are you legally allowed to employ staff in the African country you wish to?
  • Do you have the required contracts and licenses in place?
  • Are the employees on rotation, permanent or set contract?

The result of this process is always a formal proposal clearly outlining everything you need to know. We tell you the costs, the time frames and advise on structures. We believe in transparency and importantly that we are there to provide you with answers – not to add to your questions.

What happens next?

Once an agreement has been reached, our team goes to work on your African work and business visas applications. For this we tap into our comprehensive, tried and trusted network of partners across Africa. Our aim is to get your operations set up in Africa as quickly as possible, within the legal frameworks of the country you’re expanding in.

Contact us now to further discuss our African work and business visas services

Don’t get tangled in the intricate business that is African visas. Instead speak to us and let us make sense of it for you. Of course Intergate Africa will also take care of all visa applications.

You can contact us in Johannesburg on +27 (0) 11 234 4275. Alternatively, send us an email via the Intergate Africa website.

Together we can get you set up in Africa, to start operations as soon as possible.