Quota Work Permit for South Africa

quota work permitIn 2014, the South African government introduced new immigration legislation. As part of this change, the quota work permit for South Africa was withdrawn as a visa category. This change was deemed necessary in order to attract must needed skills to South Africa and to improve the visa and permit application processes.

The fact is that the quota list was limited. It allowed for only a certain number of positions to be filled in certain occupational categories. The critical skills visa that was introduced offer much more to the employer with more than 150 positions on the critical skills list and no limit on the number of
employees that can be employed in each occupational category.

This is just one benefit of the critical skills visa to employers. To learn more about the other benefits, read our information on critical skills visas.

It is important to note that those foreign employees still on your payroll on a quota work permit for South Africa cannot extend their permit. These employees would need to apply for a different visa in order to stay in your, or another employer’s, services.

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