South African Critical Skills Work Visa

In June 2014, the South African government introduced new immigration regulations. As part of this, the Department of Home Affairs announced a brand new visa category – the South African critical skills work visa. It is a visa based on a list of occupations that are needed in South Africa in order to attract much needed skills to the country.

The critical skills visa was also introduced to improve the visa and permit application processes. Up to June 2014, foreign workers could apply for quota or exceptional skills work visas, but these two were withdrawn and essentially replaced with the critical skills visa. The critical skills visa does however serve both the employer and employee much better than either of the defunct visas used to.

critical skills work visa south africaThe benefits of a South African critical skills work visa

The South African critical skills work visa puts minimal obligation on the employer. For starters, it is not necessary to issue a prospective foreign employee with a job offer in order for them to apply for a visa. That means no need to provide proof of a job ad or of the fact that no South African could be found to fill the position.

Seeing as a holder of a South African critical skills work visa can move between employers just like permanent residents or citizens, it means the employer and the employee are not tied to each other for longer than desired. The critical skills work visa is also less limiting in that there are 53 categories on the critical skills list, with no restrictions in terms of numbers in each listed category.

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